Avoid Moving to Chapin, SC Because of These 6 Reasons

Dated: April 26 2024

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Did you know that the town of Chapin has been named “one of the best places to live in South Carolina” by Niche.com?

But before I talk about why it’s considered one of the best towns in my next video, I wanted to go over the reasons you may not want to move there. Every town has its downsides, and Chapin certainly has some of its own.

So before you make Chapin your hometown, it’s only fair for me to let you know the worst things about this town so you can know what to expect. 

But first I’ll tell you a little bit about Chapin. Chapin is a small, rural town in Lexington County. It’s situated between the capital city of Columbia and the city of Newberry. And it’s located about 30 minutes northwest of Columbia and is about 26 minutes southeast of Newberry. It also sits just north of Lake Murray. 

Now let’s get to the inside scoop on the disadvantages of living in Chapin and why Chapin might not be the best place for you. 

Houses cost a lot more money in Chapin

The variance in housing costs between Chapin, and Columbia, can be attributed to several factors, each influencing the real estate market in unique ways. Firstly, Chapin's appeal lies in its small-town charm, picturesque landscapes, and proximity to Lake Murray, which all contribute to its desirability as a residential destination.

The limited availability of land and the high demand for waterfront properties in Chapin inevitably drive up property prices. 

Moreover, Chapin with its highly rated school district, makes it an attractive location for families seeking quality education for their children, further fueling demand and subsequently increasing property values.

On the other hand, Columbia, as the state capital and a larger metropolitan area, offers a more diverse range of housing options catering to varying budgets. While certain neighborhoods in Columbia may command higher prices due to factors such as location, amenities, and historical significance, the overall housing market in the city tends to be more competitive and diverse, resulting in a broader spectrum of price points. Additionally, Columbia's status as a hub for employment, education, and cultural opportunities influences its housing market dynamics, with factors like job availability and commuting convenience impacting property values. 

It's worth noting that the median home price in Chapin is $399,000, significantly higher than the median home price in the Midlands of South Carolina, which stands at $271,000. This substantial difference underscores the premium associated with Chapin's sought-after attributes and highlights the distinct market dynamics between the two areas.

Despite being a charming town cherished by many, it's important to note that Chapin, SC, lacks a hospital within its locality. 

This absence of hospital facilities may raise concerns for residents and those considering moving to the area. With the nearest hospitals located in Newberry and Columbia, residents of Chapin may face additional challenges in medical emergency situations.

Although Chapin doesn't have a hospital, the town does have two minor emergency care centers and other specialized medical facilities to provide primary and urgent medical care.  

These emergency care centers can offer basic services for minor injuries, common illnesses, and medical emergencies that do not require intensive care or long-term hospitalization.

It's important for residents and those considering settling in Chapin to be aware of this reality and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being in case of a medical emergency. 

Additionally, it's advisable to be informed about nearby medical care options and have an action plan in place in case urgent medical attention is needed.

Chapin is Small and Isolated

One downside to Chapin is that the closest cities are at least 26 minutes away, with Newberry to the northwest and Columbia about 30 minutes away to the southeast. Also the town of Irmo which has many retail establishments is even closer and is over 20 minutes southeast of Chapin. But with the nearest town being over 20 minutes away, Chapin is somewhat isolated. While some people move to Chapin because of its rural setting and to get away from the city, its isolated location may not be for everyone.   

Chapin is also small both in size and population. It’s just under 2 square miles in area. And it has a current population of under 2,000 people with exactly 1,939 residents according to World Population Review.1 But despite its small population, Chapin has been growing at a rate of 1.62% each year, and its population has increased by 6.71% since the most recent census.1 

So of course with its small size, that means more traffic, less shopping, dining and entertainment is available than in larger cities like Columbia.

So, let’s talk about the Traffic, Limited Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

There is only one road to get in and out of Chapin, therefore, traffic can be pretty hectic during peak hours.

There are a few back roads that you can use to commute to and from certain areas, but most of the time you will have to use the main road.

While many people are attracted to Chapin because of its small-town feel and rural location, others may not appreciate that Chapin doesn’t have a large variety of shopping, dining, or entertainment. To get to large retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, or Costco, you’ll have to drive over 20 minutes to the Irmo area. Or if you want to dine at large chain restaurants or enjoy entertainment venues, sports, concerts, or live shows, you’ll have to drive about 30 minutes to Columbia. 

However, Chapin does have many smaller businesses and two grocery stores including Publix. It also has a Dollar General, some pharmacies, banks, and a coffee house. And in downtown Chapin, you’ll find locally owned restaurants and shops. So although Chapin has some places that meet some shopping needs, it may not be enough for everyone.

No Vibrant NightLife

While Chapin is a quiet town that is great for families, there’s really not much of a night life here. It does have some bars like Lazy Creek Taphouse, but if you want to find night clubs, bars and restaurants that stay open most of the night, you’ll need to drive to Columbia. 

Hot, Humid Summers

Another downside to living in Chapin is that it has hot, humid weather in the summertime. If you add Chapin’s higher summer’s temperatures averaging 90 degrees to the humidity, the summer weather can feel hot and muggy. This is because the average humidity index for South Carolina is 82.5 percent which is higher than the national average. In fact, South Carolina is the 11th most humid state in the U.S.

However, the winters in Chapin are mild and the spring and fall seasons are very pleasant. 

So there you have it–now you know the worst things about Chapin. 







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