Sandra Sturkie


Helping people buy and sell houses in Columbia and surrounding areas.

About Sandra Sturkie

I'm originally from Colombia, South America; today I call Columbia, South Carolina home!

I wanted to share with you some of my past and what I've been involved with that has led me to become a real estate agent.

Although a college degree is not required to be able to sell real estate, in 2000 I graduated with a degree in Accounting from the University of Quindio in Colombia. Shortly after I graduated I decided to relocate to the United States.

When I first moved to the US, I was employed in the Commercial Construction Sector for 13 years, which taught me negotiation skills and gave me a deep understanding of city and state regulations.

In 2013 I got married and my husband and I had the privilege of starting and leading a small church. Since we are active, determined and community oriented we wanted to create a resource at the church to assist families. 

We were presented with the fact that many children in the United States need clothes so we joined a volunteer-led ministry called God's Closet Columbia which gave us the amazing opportunity to provide and distribute gently used children's clothes.  We were able to serve over 3,000 children!

It was during my involvement with the church that I connected with a member who offered me the chance to work at his real estate brokerage.

He observed that I'm a positive and resourceful individual who can execute difficult tasks and that I'm a results-oriented person who is confident in my ability to serve people.

So I took up on his offer because I felt like the skills and experience I had accumulated over the years translated directly into working as a real estate agent helping people buy and sell homes.

I enjoy consistently setting firm goals and constantly analyzing to see how far along I am and what I can do to achieve the goals.

My ultimate desire is to help individuals achieve their home dreams, whether it is by helping them find the home that fits their needs or by selling their current home for the best price possible.

My openness, knowledge, innovation, resourcefulness, care and kindness provokes results!

I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Today I believe firmly that there is no better feeling that helping people by assisting in purchasing or selling their homes!

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