Sandra Sturkie


Helping people buy and sell houses in Columbia and surrounding areas.

About Sandra Sturkie


Originally from Colombia, South America, I now proudly call Columbia, South Carolina, my home.

With a degree in Accounting from the University of Quindio in Colombia, I bring a solid educational background to my real estate career. After relocating to the United States, I spent 13 years in the Commercial Construction Sector, honing my negotiation skills and gaining a deep understanding of city and state regulations.

In 2013, I co-founded and led a small church, where my husband and I initiated a volunteer-led ministry called God's Closet Columbia. Through this endeavor, we provided over 3,000 children with gently used clothing, showcasing our commitment to community service.

Recognized for my positivity, resourcefulness, and results-driven approach, I was offered an opportunity to join a real estate brokerage. Drawing on my diverse skill set and experiences, I embraced the role of a real estate agent wholeheartedly.

I thrive on setting and achieving firm goals, continuously analyzing my progress, and innovating to exceed expectations. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I am dedicated to helping individuals realize their home ownership dreams, whether it's finding the perfect home or securing the best price for their current property.

My commitment to excellence, coupled with my genuine care and kindness, consistently delivers tangible results. Helping people buy or sell their homes is not just a job, but a fulfilling passion that I pursue wholeheartedly.

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